KYRGYZSTAN / Nature‘s Paradise

Kyrgyzstan is a nation defined by its topography: joyously unspoilt mountainscapes, stark craggy ridges, and rolling summer pastures (jailoos) are brought to life by semi-nomadic, yurt-dwelling shepherd cultures. (Lonely Planet - Kyrgyztan) Nights in Homestay's and Yurts get us in touch with locals and their hospitality.

Hardly any traffic on most of the roads we are on and for most of the time pretty smooth (off) road surfaces provide for a great riding experience in an awesome and ever changing scenery!

At a Glance ...

Best traveltime June - September
Start/Finish Osh / Osh
Duration 9 travel days, 7 riding days
Distance covered around 960 mi / 1.550 km
Day rides 110 - 185 mi / 180 - 300 km
Roads Tarmac with stretches of gravel or dirt
Motorcycles Yamaha XT600E, perfect for what we need
Rider's requirements Should feel comfortable on non-tarmac roads
Group size Min. 4 and max. 8 riders - space for 4 pillion riders in our follow up car.
Accomodation Homestays, Yurts, Hotels
What's included All meals, all non-alcoholic beverages, all entry fees, petrol for the bikes
Highlights Scenery, yurt camps, soviet architecture, Song-köl-Lake
Important No Visa needed!
Upcoming tours ...
Currently there are no events.

"Eastern charme" meets awesome Scenery

Day 1 Early morning arrival in Osh. Some time to relax before we meet for Lunch. After a Tour briefing a short ride to get aquinted with the Yamaha XT‘s. The first day‘s ride we follow the highway to the Kyrgyz capitol Bishkek.
Day 2 Most likely it‘s gonna be hot so we will enjoy a swim at Toktogul lake right next to our hotel.
Day 3 We ride up to 3400m and cross the Ala-Bel pass before reaching the high altitude Suusamir plains. Herds of horses, meadows and forests along our way to lake Song-Köl. Here we spent the night at 3000m in Nomad.s Jurts. A good chance that we will enjoy fish, fresh from the lake for dinner. Mostlikely you have never before seen starry heavens like tonight.
Day 4 A short but spectacular 180km‘s ride brings us to today‘s destination, the Univercity town of Naryn. No doubt that it will take a while since there will be countless opportunities to take great shots. After a „Yurt“ night we will stay in a comfortable Hotel/Guesthouse tonight and we‘ll enjoy our Dinner there as well.
Day 5 A fairly good road through „Marmot Valley“ brings us to the 15th century  Caravanserai of Tash Rabat. Our cozy Yurts are set up a few meters from the Caravanserai on a green meadow alongside a gurgling river.
Day 6 The scenery and the colors of the mountain ranges are constantly changing today. Good we charged our camera‘s batteries. We cross the passes Kulak-Ashuu 3400m and Kayyun 2930m before reaching the old Goldmining town of Kazerman. Homestay with the restroom across the courtyard reminds of Grandma‘s place.
Day 7 A fairly long but nevertheless awesome ride across the 3062m high Kaldaman-Pass makes for a worthy last days ride back to Osh.  A farewell Dinner before we leave tomorrow.
Day 8 
Farewell and good bye Kyrgyzstan!