NEPAL / Magic Mountains

Nepal is where the ice-cold of the mountains meets the steamy heat of the Indian plains. The Himalayas most sophisticated urban cultures took shape here, in the three great minikingdoms of the Kathmandu Valley: Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur. Experience the spine-tingling sight of your first tiger or rhino in Chitwan. One journey through this land is rarely enough. The first thing many people do after a visit is start planning the next one. (Quote

At a Glance ...

Best traveltime October to April,  Special dates/tours at request!
Start/Finish Kathmandu / Kathmandu
Duration 16/17 travel days, 12 riding days
Distance covered around 750 mi / 1.200 km
Day rides 50 - 125 mi / 80 - 200 km
Roads Mainly Tarmac with rare stretches of gravel or dirt
Motorcycles Royal Enfield Bullets, 500cc, left side gear shift, front disk break
Rider's requirements Not too much traffic and average roads.
Group size Min. 4 and max. 10 riders - space for pillion rider in our follow up car.
Accomodation Comfortable middle-class hotels, guesthouses
What's included All meals, all non-alcoholic beverages, all entry fees, petrol for the bikes, permits.
Highlights Kathmandu, Himalaya, Bhaktapur, Chitwan Park, Rice Terraces
Important VISA on arrival possible
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NEPAL / Magic Mountains / April 2023


Rider 2.690€ | Pillion-rider 2.390 € | Single room supplement 475 €

Booking until 15/03/2023

NEPAL / Magic Mountains / October 2023


Rider 2.690€ | Pillion-rider 2.390 € | Single room supplement 475 €

Booking until 13/09/2023

Magic Mountain Tour - From Kathmandu Along the Himalays to Tibet Border

Day 1 Arrival in Kathmandu and transfer to our Hotel. Later on we meet for a "Welcome Dinner".
Day 2 First glimpses of a unique culture. Swajambu temple and Durbar square leave us spellbound.
Day 3 A bus takes us 100 km / 62 mi west of Kathmandu. We cruise on our Enfields into the old Gorkha kingdom, home of the famed Gurkha soldiers.
Day 4 Back on the main highway towards Pokhara.
Day 5 Beautiful Fewa Lake and a ride up to Sarankot - the Himalyas in full glory!
Day 6 Rural Nepal on our ride to Tansen.
Day 7 From the foothills of the Himalya into the Terai Plains. Island Jungle Resort is our shelter for two nights.
Day 8 A day at Chitwan National Park. Looking for tigers or rhinos while riding our elephants!
Day 9 A village walk and then a relaxing ride to Hetauda.
Day 10 A ride across the Himalayan foothills takes us into the Kathmandu Valley. Bhaktatpur, one of Asia's most beautiful cities, awaits us.
Day 11 Strolling around a medieval city. Sit, watch and be amazed!
Day 12 Along terraced fields, we drive towards Tibet and Charikot.
Day 13 We move down to the Adventure Camp in Barabise. Bungee jumping or a trip over the border to Tibet?
Day 14 Before moving back to Kathmandu - how about some more adventure? A couple of hours of river rafting!
Day 15 A mountain flight in the morning and more cultural highlights later on. Maybe even some shopping before we head back home?
Day 16 Going home!