General Terms and Conditions

1. Tour operator

Tour Operator is Asia Bike Tours (Reg.Gov.India), (referred to as ABT)
1767/53, Naiwala Street, Karol Bagh,
New Delhi -110 005, India

2. Tour Booking Form

With your signature on the tour booking form you accept these Terms and Conditions as a binding contract between you and ABT. The travel contract is accomplished by the written reconfirmation of ABT.

3. Deposit/Payment

After receiving the booking reconfirmation a deposit of 300 EURO is required. The balance is due 14 days before the tour starts or can be handed over in cash the day the tours starts.

4. What's Included and Prices

The range of included services is mentioned under "What´s included " on this website as well as in the prospectus and the booking confirmation of ABT.

a) Changes and alterations of single points in our travel conditions which where necessary after signing the contract are agreed to as long as they don't change the style of the tour significantly. ABT reserves the right to adjust the route slightly before the start of the tour..
b) If cost factors including but not limited to, hotels meals, motorcycles, insurance, international currency fluctuations etc. dictate the need for fare increases, ABT may do so at any time prior to 60 days before departure.

5. Cancellation and Refunds

In case of cancellation the deposit of 300 Euro will be held back as cancellation fee.

6. Insurance

Our tour price does not include any travel insurances. An adequate travel, health and accident insurance is mandatory to participate on the tours.

7. Tour Cancellation

Up to 30 days prior to tour start ABT can cancel a tour if

a) the minimum number of tour participants is not reached until then. If not stated otherwise the minimum number of participants is (4) four.
b) it turns out that the client does not comply with the requirements of the tour. In that case ABT will refund the deposit/payment in full.
c) Weather conditions or other unpredictable events outsides ABTs influence make operating the tour impossible.

8. Unclaimed Benefits

Should the client not be able to complete the tour or to consume benefits included in the price of the tour, for reasons neither caused by him nor the tour operator, or should he not be able to complete the tour, he has no right to claim a refund. Nevertheless, ABT will try to refund the client.

9. Responsibility

ABT is responsible for providing the services listed in the tour description according to the local standards and the accurate description of services offered in its pamphlets. ABT selects carefully and constantly checks its contractors, such as hotels.

It is understood and agreed upon that neither ABT nor any of its representatives are the guardians of any customers safety and they can not be held liable in any way for any occurrences in connection with the clients participation on the tour. The liability of ABT as the tour operator is limited to a total of two times the tour price.

10. Notification Notice

The client is particularly obliged to inform the tour guideabout his complaints immediately. If he refrains culpably to show the failings, then the claim to a reduction isn't given. Claims have to be in writing addressed to ABT within a month.

11. Passport, Visa, Driving and Health Regulation

The customer is responsible for complying with above regulations and all consequences resulting from non-compliance.

12. General

The inefficacy of single provisions does not cause the ineffectualness of the whole contract. The same goes for the Terms & Conditions. With your signature on the booking form you accept these Terms and Conditions for yourself and all other persons stated on the form as a binding contract. ABT reserves the right to correct errors on this site or calculation mistakes at any time.

13. Motorcycles

Rental motorcycles are provided as part of the tour package. A safety deposit of 400 Euro has to be paid at the time of hand-over of the motorcycle. The amount of this safety deposit is equal to the amount of the deductible of the vehicle insurance. This safety deposit will be refunded upon the return of the undamaged motorcycle to ABT. If the customer does not comply with traffic laws or the requirements for group travel, the contract may be cancelled by ABT and the rental motorcycle secured.


When signing the booking form the client (you) explicitly states and agrees with the following:

I am fully aware of the risks caused by motorcycling. I am participating at the tour on my own risk. It is agreed upon and understood that the owners, operators and agents of this tour including ABT are not the guardians of any customers safety and they cannot be held liable in any way for any occurrence in connection with the tour, which might result in injury, death or damage to the client, his property, or his family, heirs, or assigns.

I am well aware, that ABT is not being held responsible for other participants misconduct.

I agree to comply with the traffic laws and group travel regulations. I am in good health, meet the demands the tour requires, and own a valid drivers licence.

I am fully responsible for using a helmet and protection gear.