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Help us to help slum-children in New Delhi

A project that grows day by day and with your help we can turn it into an even bigger thing. And that's how it works:

AMAZON actually pays a commission of between 7 and 10% for each purchase triggered from this site! Good for Asia-Bike-Tours you might think. Well, yes, but different as to what you expect. All the money earned by your, and maybe your friends and your friends friends... purchases, goes straight to Projekt Why - an officially accredited charitable organization in India.

By actually doing what you probably planned to do anyway - buy some travel books recommended here or just buy a book or CD of, let´s say, the Dalai Lama or Ravi Shankar - you also help underpriviledged childern to get education, health care and food to survive.

If you think this is a good thing - why not tell your friends about it? Of course, you can support Project Why directly too...

Have fun with your purchases!