TIBET / Overland

Wild, mountainous and deliciously remote, the Tibetian areas of western Sichuan are a cultural and geographical extension of the Tibetian plateau in all but name. Western Sichuan sees few visitors, partly because travel is still rough and time-consuming but there are some real Tibetian cultural jewels there. And since we have the permits to continue over the high passes and deep gorges into remote eastern Tibet, you deserve the feel a little smug in the knowledge that you have completed one of the world´s great road trips. What more to say... besides maybe, there is Lhasa, the Everest Base Camp and so on ... (Quote lonelyplanet.com)

At a Glance ...

Best traveltime April, May, September, October
Start/Finish Chengdu / Lhasa
Duration 24 travel days, 17 riding days
Distance covered around 2.350 mi / 3.800 km
Day rides 50 - 130 mi / 110 - 310 km
Roads Tarmac with stretches of gravel and dirt (depending on last winter or monsoon)
Motorcycles Yamaha YBR250cc, (Yamaha Fazer), EFI, 21 BHP
Rider's requirements Very winding, up and down hills. Drive carefully and you'll be ok.
Group size Min. 4 and max. 10 riders - space for pillion rider in our follow up car.
Accomodation Comfortable middle-class hotels, guesthouses
What's included All meals, all non-alcoholic beverages, all entry fees, petrol for the bikes, Tibet permit.
Highlights Panda´s, Himalaya, Tibetan people, Lhasa, Mt. Everest Base Camp, Yamdrok Lake, Monasteries
Important VISA for China. Tibet Permit will be arranged by us!
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Rider 3.780 € | Co-rider 3.470 € | Single room supplement 620 € LHASA - KAILASH - KATHMANDU - Tibets biggest Festival at Holy Mt.Kailash! From the Potala palace in Lhasa to Mt. Everest Base Camp. We circumvent Mt. Kailash and finish our tour in Kathmandu! - routing on request

Booking until 20/06/2023

TIBET / Everest - Kailash - Kathmandu / May 2024


Rider 3.880 € | Co-rider 3.580 € | Single room supplement 620 € From Lhasa to Kathmandu via Mt. Everest Base Camp and the holy Mt. Kailash during its biggest festival Saka Dawa. Please request the detailed itinerary by email.   

Booking until 15/04/2024

Sichuan to Tibet - Touring China and the Roof of the World!

Day 1 Arrival in Chengdu, Sichuan. Airport pick-up and transfer to our hotel.
Day 2 Sightseeing in Chengdu and a visit to the Panda breeding center. We get our Tibet permits and drivers' licences.
Day 3 On the way to China´s tea capitol Yaan we stop in an old Chinese village for Lunch and a little stroll.
Day 4 We leave the plains behind and ride our Zipstars up to an altitude of 2.600 m / 8.530 ft. Kangding, our stay for the night, used to be a trading post between China and Tibet for centuries.
Day 5 On our way from Kangding to Yajiang we reach almost 5.000 m / 16.400 ft. Deep gorges and the first yaks.
Day 6 Further along the ridge of the Qinghai-Tibet plateau we dive deeper into Tibetan culture towards Litang at an altitude of 4.100 m / 13.450 ft. The short ride gives us enough time to visit the Chöde monastery built during the reign of the 3rd Dalai Lama.
Day 7 There is a chance that some of us had problems with the altitude, therefore the night in Batang at 2.490 m / 8.170 ft will give us time to recover.
Day 8 Along wild gorges and across 5.000 m / 16.400 ft passes we ride up to Dzogang (3.800 m / 12.470 ft)
Day 9 Picturesque villages and Chorten which reminds us of Ladakh and, of course, a few passes await us today.
Day 10 Pine forests, the spectacular Sundzom valley flanked by snow covered, rugged mountains which could make you feel like you're in Utah or Arizona... without Buddhist monasteries.
Day 11 Passes, forests, monasteries and a holy "Bon" mountain as well as a few 7.000 m / 22.965 ft mountain giants delight us today.
Day 12 We reach the Brahmaputra (Yarlung) – valley and, with it, the oldest Tibetan settlements.
Day 13 Good road conditions provided we turn off the Lhamo - Latso Oracle Lake today, on our way to Tsetang.
Day 14 We leave the Yarlung-valley after about 100 km / 62 mi and wind our way up the road to Kamba La (4.794 m / 15.720 ft). After a lunch stop we travel on to Karo La Pass (5.010 m / 16.430 ft). A glacier almost touches the road here. Along the turqouise waters of the holy Yamdrok-Tso we ride to Gyantse.
Day 15 Before leaving Gyantse today we visit the Pelkor Chöde monastery and the Kumbum Chorten, the only walk-in Stupa in Tibet. We have lunch in Shigatse and get a first impression of Tibet's second largest city before we head on to Sakya.
Day 16 From Sakya back to highway 318 and across the Gyatso La Pass (5.220 m / 17.125 ft) to Shegar.
Day 17 A few kilometers after Shegar we turn off the Friendship highway and wind up to the Pang-pass (5.120 m / 16.797 ft). Weather provided we can enjoy a great Himalayan panorama from Kanzendonga to Xishpangma including Mt. Everest! We stay at the Rongphu monastery guest house at 4.980 m / 16.340 ft.
Day 18 We get up early in the morning and, depending on the regulations, ride our bikes or get driven up to the Everest Base Camp. Be sure to have enough memory-cards and fresh batteries for your camera! Later on we head back to Shegar.
Day 19 Again we cross the Gyatso-La but this time we turn north after Lhatse to take a less traveled road back to Shigatse where we will stay for the next 2 nights.
Day 20 The 1447 built Tashilunpo monastery is the home of the Panchen Lama. It is without doubt one of the most impressive of all Tibetan monasteries; not just for its gold covered roofs and the giant Buddha gilded with 250 kg / 551 lbs of gold.
Day 21 We head back to Lhasa on the northern leg of the Friendship Highway. Time to say goodbye to our Yamahas.
Day 22 A day to visit one of the famous monasteries, explore the ancient center of Lhasa or visit the Potala Palace.
Day 23 After Breakfast it is time to say farewell Tibet. Airport transfer and flight back home.