Travel Documents


Of course the most important of all travel documents. Make sure your passport is valid for more than 6 month after the end of the trip! Take a copy of the passport with you or store it somewhere online!


Citizens from almost everywhere need a Visa for India as well as for Nepal, China, Bhutan, Pakistan and the Iran!

Nepal: Visa for Nepal can be optained on arrival at Kathmandu airport.

Bhutan: Visa will be arranged by us at the Bhutan border!

Tibet: The permit for Tibet will be arranged by us! You do need a Chinese Visa though!

Drivers Licence

A motorcycle drivers licence and an international drivers licence (issued by the various automobile associations) are mandatory on our tours in India, Nepal and Bhutan.

For China and Tibet we need your home drivers licence to make a translation and there might also be a health check and a test. Changes from year to year!


Adequate travel, health and accident insurance are a precondition to participate on the tours. Some credit cards do include travel insurances!



Tours: India - Rajasthan, India - Himalaya ("Little Tibet"), North India, South India, Bhutan, Nepal

Check for Indian Embassies & Consulates (almost) worldwide:


Tours: Nepal ("Magic Mountain Tour") Visa can be obtained at the Airport. (30.- USD, Photo suitable for Passport!)

Check Nepales Missions abroad:


Tours: China - Tibet, Tibet - Overland, South West China

Check for Chinese Embassies worldwide: